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Reinforced Folders

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Reinforced Folder Styles

Two pocket reinforced presentation folder

9 9/16" x 12" Reinforced Folder
Two 4" Pockets
One right pocket reinforced presentation folder

9" x 12" Reinforced Folder
Two 4" Pockets
Continuous pocket reinforced presentation folder

9 9/16" x 12" Reinforced Folder
Continuous Pocket
Top reinforcement pocket folder

9" x 11 3/4" Reinforced Folder
Two 4" Pockets, Reinforced top

Reinforced Presentation Folders

Need a custom presentation folder, but find that they are breaking down after repeated use? You need reinforced presentation folders. With thicker glued edges on high stress areas, these folders will out last your standard 2-pocket presentation folder.

Reinforced presentation folders have corners with folded edges that prevents folding and smashed corners. Not only that, but the pockets and glue tabs are high stress areas that have extra folding and gluing that prevent tearing.

If your presentation folder is susceptible to moisture, we recommend using lamination on your reinforced folder. The thin plastic layer repels moisture and further aids against tearing.

So if you have a need for folders that may be used to hold extra documents, save yourself the money from replacement and make them last longer by choosing a reinforced presentation folder.

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