Here is your next client-safe email from Independent Folders! Recently, we've seen an increase in activity from banks and financial institutions that need presentation solutions. According to the FDIC, activity is expected to increase as the economy rebounds throughout the year, especially with local and privately-owned banks that are encompassed in a more stable economic climate. Plus banks and financial institutions are typically high-volume users of presentation solutions. This gives YOU more opportunity for folder sales. Not only that, but think of the surrounding businesses that are expanding - they will need presentation solutions too.

Start targeting banks and financial institutions in your area, so they know to contact you when they run low on their loan folders, paper wallets and legal size folders.

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Independent Folders


We have the Presentation Solutions to help your institution shine!

Folders, Binders, Brochures & More
Your identity is important. Why not maintain a polished and consistent solution with the professionals? Presentation solutions are needed for a variety of applications in the banking and finance industry. Here are a few examples:

  • Loan Service Marketing
  • Investment and Private Banking Materials
  • Organization Cash Management Kits
  • Checking Account Intro Kits
  • General Marketing & Locations Brochures
  • Credit Card Service Packets

Custom Printed Media Holders
We offer a variety of standard and custom printed products that sport different styles and dimensions to match your needs depending on the application.

Really want to stand out?
We also offer custom solutions for providers that really want to distinguish themselves from the others. Impress your large clients with a proposal on a flash drive in an elegant flash drive folder, or excite new clients with custom packaged gifts.

We'll partner with you to come up with the solution that works for your institution. Call us for ideas on your next project!

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Want something to really impress your customers? Flash drive folders have a pouch to hold a flash drive preloaded with your proposal. Presentation folders promote an established, professional perception for your customers. Paper wallets are great for intro kits and other financial materials.