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Independent Folders


Enhance your Marketing with Eco-Friendly Printed Products!

Environmentally Responsible is the new Standard
Consumers today are making more thoughtful purchases. They want to know how products are produced and how the environment was impacted. Services that factor in conservation or reciprocation are in high demand.

Promote your Credibility
Many businesses can benefit by promoting environmental responsibility. Here are some ideas for embracing environmental concerns:

  • Locally sourced produce at Restaurants, Bistros, Cafes
  • Self-sustaining Parks and Recreation
  • Eco-Friendly Building and Construction Materials
  • Certified Manufacturing Facilities
  • Energy Conserving Resorts and Hotels

Certification & Logos
Our products are printed with vegetable-based inks, and we use renewable energy. You can place these logos on your qualifying project.

Enviro Options
We offer a variety of standard and custom printed products that sport different styles and dimensions to match your needs:

Custom Solutions
We also offer solutions like product catalogs and card holders on certified or recycled papers. We'll partner with you to develop a solution that helps you build visibility with your customers!

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