Here is your next client-safe email from Independent Folders! Statistically, early summer is when colleges, universities and schools purchase their materials for the following year. Enrollments are increasing year after year, which gives YOU more opportunity for a sale. Not only that, but think of the surrounding businesses that thrive on business from the student body - they may need presentation solutions too.

Start targeting the higher learning institutions in your area, so they know to contact you when they source their presentation needs.

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Independent Folders


We have the Presentation Solutions to help your institution shine!

Folders, Binders, Brochures & More
Presentation solutions are needed for a variety of academic applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Recruitment and Admissions
  • Promotion of School Departments, Student Organizations and Event Schedules
  • Donor and Alumni Gifts
  • Faculty and Student Handbooks
  • Lectures and Presentations
  • Commencement Materials
  • Community Outreach

Call us today for a quote on your specific folder needs!

Flash Drive Folders
Flash or "jump" drives are becoming increasingly popular in the academic setting. Integrating flash drives can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. Here's some possible applications:

  • Promotion of School Departments, Student Organizations and Event Schedules: Pre-loaded, custom flash drives in a folder work well and offer more impact when combined with flyers & brochures while reducing costs of printing information in handbooks.
  • Recruitment and Admissions: A custom printed folder and flash drive can be pre-loaded with anything from a video tour of the campus to a presentation of a specific department with enrollment materials in the pocket.

Need Something Smaller?
The Flash Drive Holder holds your loaded drive in a box about the size of a pack of gum. While being compact, it still provides the powerful impact & colorful preview to get your audience to open and use the drive.

We'll partner with you to come up with the solution that works for your institution. Call us for ideas on your next project!

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